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Introduction of Suicide Squad Trench Coat:

The trench coats worn by the main characters in the Suicide Squad movies are one of the most memorable cinematic wardrobes ever. Character, style, and narrative all find expression in the Suicide Squad Trench Coat and The Joker’s Purple Trench Coat. Let’s explore the history of these storied trench coats and learn about the people who helped bring them to life.

It’s the Trench Coat from Suicide Squad.

Specific Attributes and Qualities

  • The Suicide Squad Trench Coat combines toughness and flair that encapsulates the spirit of the group it honours. This coat is made of high-quality materials to last as long as the characters. Some notable characteristics are as follows:
  • The design of the trench coat is a mash-up of military and modern styles; it is slightly oversized for a confident look. Its edgy allure comes from the earthy tones, often olive green or deep brown colours.
  • True to its military beginnings, the modern trench coat is equipped with many internal and external pockets, providing enough storage for electronics, weapons, and other mission requirements. Belts and straps are a great way to give a coat a more practical look without sacrificing its elegant silhouette.
  •  The coat may have the Suicide Squad logo. It’s the ideal accessory for fostering community and showcasing uniqueness simultaneously.
  • The trench coat is a practical piece of outerwear that doubles as a fashion statement because of its sturdy, weatherproof construction. The durable fabric makes the skin resistant to various threats, much like the figures they portray.
  • The trench coat may be worn in many different ways and is not limited to becoming a Halloween costume. Fans of the series and fashion will want to have one because of its rebellious edge and rough good looks.

Characters Explore Their Uniqueness Through Their Trench Coats

  • Characters’ personalities and internal conflicts are reflected in their trench coats. Characters like Deadshot, Rick Flag, and Harley Quinn all wear variations of this jacket in the Suicide Squad canon. They saw the coat as a sign of their ability to work together, despite their differences, to complete their purpose.
  • Deadshot: Floyd Lawton’s (Will Smith) trench coat says a lot about Deadshot’s calm demeanour and ability to think on his feet in combat. This coat emanates professionally like Deadshot, who pursues his work with precision and dedication.
  • Rick Flag: Joel Kinnaman’s Rick Flag wears a trench coat in his portrayal to emphasize his authority as squad leader. The coat’s military styling conveys his sense of leadership and duty, highlighting his determination to steer the team through dangerous tasks.
  • Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn gives the trench coat a new meaning with her interpretation of the character. Her personality is a fascinating blend of mischievous defiance and randomness. She turns the skin into a means of self-expression by adding patches and embellishments that reflect her lively character.

The Purple Trench Coat of the Joker:

Specific Attributes and Qualities

  • Like the mysterious Joker, the Purple Trench Coat is the essence of anarchy and charisma. His erratic personality and need to make a statement are both reflected in this coat. The following are some of the aspects that make it stand out:
  • The coat’s unique deep purple colour is sure to be noticed. It’s a hue that commands attention, much like the Joker himself.
  • The length and design of the garment give it a ghostly but alluringly alluring appearance. The Joker’s presence is elevated to the level of a performance thanks to this enhancement of his flair for the dramatic.
  • Extravagant Details: The Joker’s trench coat frequently has velvet or satin trimming around the lapels and cuffs. This harmony of richness and insanity is achieved through the contrast between these features and the coat’s wild mood.
  • Unpredictable Style: The Joker’s trench coat often deviates from the norm in terms of fashion. The coat’s offbeat and sometimes unsettling style comes from its asymmetrical cuts, unusual fastenings, and surprising twists.


The Individual: The Trench Coat as a Symbol

The Joker’s Purple Trench Coat is a metaphor for his convoluted mind. The Joker is at his best when he surprises people and questions accepted standards. He uses his trench coat to express his rejection of convention.

Unconventional Style: 

  • The Joker’s trench coat goes against the grain of conventional fashion, much like the character himself does. It’s his approach to making an impression on the world he intends to change.
  • The Joker’s unique combination of elegance and anarchy is reflected in the coat’s wild style and opulent trimmings. Like his coat, which combines richness and chaos, he takes great pleasure in juxtaposing incompatible aspects.


Character, personality, and narrative are all on display with the Suicide Squad Trench Coat and The Joker’s Purple Trench Coat. Each character’s trench coat represents a facet of their personality, from the Suicide Squad’s shared values to the Joker’s unconventional disobedience.

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